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This is quite an amazing work. The effects go very well with the sci-fi themed environment and the animation was incredibly smooth and fluid. Excellent job, Captain.

One of the most hilarious animation parodies I've seen. *Thumbs up*

For your first video, this is well made. Even though a few frames were colored, the plot made up for it. Great job, my dude.

zachmcantwell responds:

Thank you so much, I appreciate the compliment!

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The movement and animation is so smooth and the concept of it is great. Nice work.

My only criticism for this is that the bullets, both from the what/who you're playing as and the enemies, are very small and hard to see. I would recommend making them slightly bigger. On the flipside, this is a pretty entertaining game. Hopefully you'll find a way to fix the crash.

TheZipCreator responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I'll consider making the bullets bigger, and I figured out why the crash happens, and I tried to fix it, but that didn't seem to work.

This is a good game but I would recommend switching the controls to W,A,S,D or make it optional for the player. Another thing is the snake is a little slow. If there is a way to speed up the pace of the snake, that would be great. Keep up the good work.

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The way this track starts off with a creepy vibe and then switching to a more easygoing tone is brilliant. Truly excellent, friend.

Fantastic. *thumbs up*

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This art looks great and I'm glad your recovery is going smoothly.

The bouncy cartoon style mixed with the on edge atmosphere is quite interesting here and the characters seem very likable and unique.

The design and concept is amazing so far. Keep up the good work.

TheDyingSun responds:

Thank you so much! I just love this little guy!

Hello, my name is Gabby. I am an art and animation enthusiast as well as a hobbyist. I'm thinking about going to college to learn how to animate with an actual program and create cartoons for people to get a good view or laugh from.

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