Entry #1

Making Sense of Things + Pico Day 2017 HYPE

2017-02-23 21:42:00 by GabbyXD-Animations

I understand my username is GabbyXD-Animations, yet I bearly have any to go around. I will make some flash animations once I buy and learn how to use the program. They will probably be posted on here some time by the end of the year though. For now I'll post art of some topics I like and maybe take some comment suggestions/requests if there are any.

I'll also be partisapating in Pico Day 2017. I'll be going all out that day with some art of the classics.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Bye, and don't forget to leave art requests for me.


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2017-02-24 00:32:50

I thought there wasn't going to be a PD2k17

(Updated ) GabbyXD-Animations responds:

According to the post, it said there won't be a party at the office, instead they're hosting it on the Newgrounds website.


2017-04-03 21:56:19

Can't wait :)
Can you draw my oc?

GabbyXD-Animations responds:

But...you said to another person it wasn't yours. I clicked on the link and the description proved it was fanart.